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X was created by Charles Bentley, a comic book writer using an enchanted typing machine. When Bentley realized his creation had come into real life, he sought to destroy it. After smashing the the typewriter, X disappeared, seemingly destroyed.[1]

X re-appeared out of nowhere, attacking the Cool World Amusement Park in Japan, destroying Big Hero Six's base of operations. The team sent for their member, Sunfire to help them battle the monster. Alpha Flight accompanied him, to watch over Sunfire (who was a possible danger to those around him) and help in the battle against X. At Cool World, they encountered a child who had drawn a comic which foretold X's actions. Using the story, they were able to lure the monster to Mount Fuji where they sealed it inside.[2]



X is able to transform its atomic structure at will, allowing it to assume any shape and size.

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