Armour was among a series of clones Thanos created to test the capabilities of potential enemies or allies.[1] After experiencing nihilistic and destructive qualities, Thanos considered the clones a failure and kept them in cold storage in one of his hideouts.[2]

After being freed from their containment's by a meteor, the clones decided to bring about the universe's end and believed that Adam Warlock was the key to this as he had made contact with Atlez, a cosmic being whose life kept the universe in existence, to find his successor. (This was actually a scheme concocted by Atlez to speed up Warlock's search for his successor.)[3][4]

X disguised himself as the real Thanos using a telepathic illusion and tricked Warlock's friend Pip the Troll into searching for Warlock. Pip found Warlock, but Warlock was in hibernation in one of his cocoons. So, X convinced a reluctant Moondragon to awaken him with her telepathy.[3]

This was successful, and Warlock woke up. X then began helping Warlock remember his meeting with Atlez. X also used his telepathy to mind-control Moondragon and make her join his cause.[5], but the mind control was later broken by Doctor Strange.[2]

After sensing the death of fellow clone Armour and freeing of Moondragon, X and his remaining clones split up with X taking elite members of Armour's Nihilistic Sect to Earth to investigate the sudden appearance of energy trails.[6]

X and his minions were confronted by Gamora, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man. X captured the three heroes, but they were freed by Pip and Moondragon. Wanting revenge for X's mind control over her, Moondragon used her telepathy to trick X into thinking that the end of the universe had come. The illusion apparently caused X to die made real by Moondragon's telepathy; X died with a smile on his face.[4]


Seemingly those of Thanos as well as those of Professor X. He was also able to perform telekinesis.


Seemingly those of Thanos


One of Thanos' ships

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