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Quote1 Just one thing. That I will see them again. Quote2
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Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 22"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 22"

As Saturnyne draws the final card in her deck, the Captain Britain Corps is reborn and descend on the battlefield to fight the demons of Amenth. In response, Annihilation orders War to summon their army. The Summoners emerge, and begin calling forth the greater demons of Amenth. Watching from above, Cable is telepathically contacted by Cyclops, who asks Magik to open a portal for them. Cyclops and the mutants of Krakoa emerge on the S.W.O.R.D. space-station and join the fight.

Apocalypse and Genesis continue their struggle. As Genesis grows weaker, Annihilation gains a stronger grip on her, and orders the Summoners to summon every demon in Amenth. Despairing over their inevitable defeat, Cable asks Saturnyne to send him to the battlefield so that he can die with his family. Saturnyne reminds him of the card he received at the beginning of the tournament, "The Fool", and reminds him of the fact that his sword is a key to the S.W.O.R.D. station. He asks Cyclops, Jean and Magik to take him to the station, and powers it on. This activates the portal to the Vescora's world, and Magik teleports them into the mass of Summoners. The Vescora begin devouring the Summoners and demons of Amenth, distracting Annihilation long enough for Apocalypse to slam it into the ground and tear its golden helm from Genesis.

Apocalypse dons the helm, and Annihilation attempts to control him; the rules of the helm are that whoever defeats it claims it, whoever wears it controls Amenth, and is in turn controlled by the helm. Apocalypse struggles to resist the control of Annihilation. In the field of battle, Isca the Unbeaten suddenly turns. Her power never to lose means she can never be on the losing side, and her power now compels her to abandon Annihilation. Witnessing this, the Horsemen of Pestilence and Famine realize they cannot win. Gaining control over the helm, Apocalypse surrenders on behalf of Amenth, granting victory to Krakoa.

Saturnyne descends from the citadel with Shogo, whose dragonfire tears a hole in Otherworld and banishes the Vescora to the dead realm of Blightspoke. She takes the Golden Helm from Apocalypse and reshapes it into a staff, dulling its influence over the wielder, and grants it to Genesis. Although Krakoa is triumphant, Saturnyne demands an exchange as a show of good faith between the two combatants. Genesis is allowed to choose a mutant of Krakoa to join her in Amenth, and chooses her husband, Apocalypse. Apocalypse speaks for Krakoa, and chooses the mutant island of Arakko itself, sending it and the millions of mutants on it to Earth. As Apocalypse turns to leave with his wife and children, Cyclops chases him down, and asks if he has anything he wishes to tell Professor X and Magneto. Apocalypse tells him to tell them that he will see them again, someday.

Astonished at the turn of events, Saturnyne's servant Ryl asks her if she knew everything would unfold as it did. She responds that she did not see all, but that some signs were impossible not to read, such as the roles played by Apocalypse, Genesis, Jubilee and Shogo, the return of the S.W.O.R.D. space station, Storm turning to the stars after the tournament, and that the Quiet Council would break, the first two cracks in its firmament being the departures of Apocalypse and Jean Grey. She dismisses these things, however, and tells Ryl that she is mostly concerned with the matters of Otherworld. There, she sees Avalon controlling the sole ingress and egress to Earth, the Summoners and Vescora serving her by mining the riches of Blightspoke, the bartering of which will dominate the Crooked Market, and that Death will serve the undying of Sevalith. Ryl adds that the return of the Captain Britain Corps as her loyal knights is a great boon as well, and congratulates her.

Saturnyne takes her throne, applauded by the adoring masses of Otherworld. She has all that she needs, but not her ultimate desire, the love of Brian Braddock.

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The wheel of fortune turns. The unfortunate fall. A sword against the darkness.

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