Quote1 Come out, Stark! We have your scent! I have a volcano on my finger and I would sear your socket dry! Quote2
-- Painted Xan src

Xan was a Dark Elf philosopher warrior who was chosen by Malekith to help him hunt down Iron Man, who had arrived to Svartalfheim in order to retrieve the rings of the Mandarin the villain had taken, for which the Accursed gave him the Incandescence Ring.

When Xan and the group of hunters he was leading found Iron Man in the woods, the Armored Avenger knocked them out with a taser gun. While Xan was unconscious, Iron Man took the Incandescene Ring and later escaped. Xan informed Malekith that he lost the ring, for which the Accursed beheaded him.[1]


Xan briefly possessed the Mandarin's Incandescence Ring, which formerly allowed him to project:

  • Flame-Blasts: Xan had the ability to project powerful blasts of fire of different intensity.


Formerly Incandescence Ring

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