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Xandarian Worldmind (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 205 001

The Living Computers of Xandar

The Worldmind is a sentient supercomputer, whose data is entirely comprised of the experiences, histories, and personalities of deceased members of the Nova Corps as well as the general populace of Xandar.[1] It is tasked with preserving itself (as it is one of the most knowledgeable supercomputers in the universe) and acting as the custodian of the Nova Force. The actual brains of deceased Xandarians are stored within the computer and the Xandarians had been amassing these brains for 1 million years. Thoran Rul was the keeper of the Worldmind and later merged with it to protect Xandar from the Skrulls.[2]

The Worldmind was deactivated with the destruction of Xandar and the deaths of most of its people.[3] The Worldmind reactivated based on two events: The return of Supernova to the timeline and the reactivation of the Nova Force in Richard Rider. With both of those conditions met the entirety of the Nova Force was present in the universe at the same time. The Worldmind cloned Xandar's queen Adora to help facilitate it's plan to resurrect Xandar. The Worldmind was rebooted when the Supernova tried to absorb the last of Nova's energy and instead Richard Rider absorbed the entirety of the Nova Force Supernova had been managing. Adora convinced him to reboot the Worldmind at which point the Worldmind repaired Xandar and cloned the populate, effectively resurrecting their race.[4]

During the Annihilation War, the Nova Corps was decimated in the first few hours of the war.[5] The only remaining Nova, Richard Rider, managed to safeguard the Worldmind in his body, along with the entire Nova Force. He was initially reluctant, knowing that Garthan Saal had been driven mad by holding the entire Nova Force, but Worldmind assured him that it could protect his mind from any damage. Despite this, he was unable to handle such tremendous power. Only with Drax's help, was he able to control it.[6]

In the aftermath of the war, Rider went on a nonstop run across the galaxy, responding to any emergencies, despite the Worldmind's advice to restore the Corps or at least slow down. By accident, they arrived on Earth, where society had changed due to the Superhuman Registration Act. As Rider slept, Worldmind secretly took control of his body, frightening Rider's parents. Eventually, Rider decided to leave the home he had considered to have gone mad to return to patrol the universe.[7]

The first call Rider responded to was the Kree Empire. Unfortunately, Worldmind determined that the Kree have been subverted by the Phalanx and urged Rider to turn around and warn the rest of the cosmos. However, Rider ran into the energy barrier barring the Kree galaxy from the rest of the universe. He ended up falling on Drez-Lar, where Worldmind deputized a Kree captain Ko-Rel to protect Rider until he was fully healed. But Rider was soon infected by the Phalanx. Refusing to let the Nova Force and itself become slaves to the Phalanx and urged Ko-Rel to end Rider's misery. Ko-Rel hesitated when Rider was vulnerable, resulting in Gamora killing her. Worldmind managed to suppress the transmode virus, though it took the majority of the Nova Force to do so.[8]

After a few escapes to the edge of the universe and the Technarchy homeworld of Kvch, Rider and the Worldmind were able to find a cure to the virus.[9]

Worldmind continued to aid Rider as he responded to various emergencies until an encounter with Galactus's ship knocked Worldmind offline.[10] The defunct Worldmind was later extracted from Richard Rider's brain by Robert Rider and Doctor Evelyn Necker and transferred to Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.'s mainframe. It was subsequently reactivated and aided in repelling the Skrulls invading the facility. When a Skrull ship moved to destroy the facility, Worldmind called in five new recruits to destroy the ship.[11]

Worldmind explained to Richard Rider that it had previously been active during his sleep periods and had selected these recruits then. While Rider was out on a mission with them, Worldmind continued to rebuild the Nova Corps (against Rider's wishes) by recruiting many more centurions (including his brother Robbie) and transferring itself into Ego the Living Planet, turning him into Nu-Xandar. Now that the Nova Corps had a base of operations again, Worldmind ordered Rider to transfer the majority of the Nova Force out of himself and into a storage repository. When Rider refused, Worldmind declared that carrying the full Nova Force had damaged Rider's psyche and removed it from him entirely, expelling him the the Corps.[12]

Following this, Worldmind started a mass recruitment drive, abducting thousands of individuals from Earth and recruiting them into the Nova Corps, keeping them artificially calm using induced endorphins and subliminal control. Rider and Necker were able to briefly break Worldmind's control over Robbie and Irani Rael and determined that Richard Rider was completely sane, but Worldmind was not. When war broke out between the Shi'ar Imperium and Kree Empire, Worldmind moved Nu-Xandar nearby and dispatched the Nova Corps to assist. Many centurions died due to their inexperience.[13]

Rider, now empowered with the Quantum Bands and the aid of Quasar, infiltrated Nu-Xandar and travelled to Ego's brain to try to fix Worldmind. He was attacked there by Worldmind's avatar, which had merged its features with Ego's and claimed to be neither Ego nor Worldmind, only both. Rider and Quasar were able to make contact with the small part of Worldmind that hadn't been corrupted, which manifested using Rhomann Dey and Ko-Rel as avatars. They explained that Worldmind had been protecting Rider's mind from the damage of the Nova Force since the fall of Xandar, but it had neglected to protect itself. This strain, combined with the Phalanx infection and the damage caused by Galactus, had left Worldmind dangerously unstable and Ego, believed to have been overwritten but actually still active, was preying on that to drive Worldmind completely mad. Worldmind called the other centurions to aid it, but Rider was able to get past them and reclaim the Nova Force, then unleashed a blast so great it essentially lobotomised Ego. With Ego's influence purged, Worldmind was able to repair itself but in the process it had to erase the personality it had been using as its avatar. Worldmind adopted the personality of Ko-rel as a replacement.[14]

Worldmind and Rider worked together to rescue the recruits still fighting in the Kree-Shi'ar war and the vast majority were depowered and returned home. Worldmind also informed Rider that Ego was starting to regenerate and that they needed to find a new home for the Corps and a new host for Worldmind.[15]

During an investigation of The Fault left behind in the aftermath of the war, the Nova Corps Patrol Cruiser Resolute Duty (which had gone missing 35 years ago) was recovered. When Worldmind scanned the ship, the bounty hunter Monark Starstalker sent nano-particles back along the link that knocked Worldmind offline for a brief period. Ego was able to regenerate much faster without Worldmind suppressing his growth, forcing the Nova Corps to abandon Nu-Xandar and Worldmind to transfer itself to the Resolute Duty.[16]

Worldmind lost contact with Rider on the planet Shard when he was pulled into the realm of the Sphinx,[17] but regained contact after the Sphinx was defeated and Rider escaped his realm.[18]

Worldmind aided Rider when Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. was taken over by Dark Quasar to build a portal to the Cancerverse. Rider destroyed the portal[19] and pursued Dark Quasar back to the Fault, itself a portal to the Cancerverse.[20] The Resolute Duty joined the fleet attempting to stop the Cancerverse inhabitants from crossing over to this reality, but was unable to stop the Revengers from abducting Namorita.[21] Worldmind opened a stargate to the ship holding her and several other captured individuals, which Rider used to lead a strike team in an attempt to rescue them.[22] Rider then followed Star-Lord and Thanos into the Cancerverse, arriving just in time to save the Guardians of the Galaxy from the Revengers. Needing additional power to fight them, Rider ordered Worldmind to transfer the entire Nova Force to him, to which Worldmind complied. After Thanos tricked Cancerverse Mar-Vell into summoning the avatar of Death, the Cancerverse started to collapse and Rider and Star-Lord stayed behind to stop Thanos from escaping. In the aftermath, Quasar noted that Worldmind was no longer functioning and the Nova Force was completely gone.[23]

This was because Worldmind had transferred itself back into Rider along with the Nova Force and they were now trapped in the Cancerverse.[24] When the new Nova, Sam Alexander travelled to the site of the closed Fault, he was able to make contact with the Worldmind. Worldmind explained to Sam how his helmet worked and explained its own nature as an aggregate of the minds of deceased Nova Corps members. Sam asked if his dad was part of the Worldmind, to which it responded no, which Sam took to mean that his dad was still alive somewhere. When Sam mentioned Richard Rider, Worldmind assumed his personality and encouraged Sam not to give up being Nova.[25]

Rider was later able to escape the Cancerverse using a burnt out Cosmic Cube, but to power it he had to sacrifice the vast majority of the Nova Force, along with Worldmind. The grief of losing everyone it had ever known and being abandoned drove Worldmind mad. It took control of the Cancerverse inhabitants and used the link Rider still had to the Cancerverse to open rifts to his universe so that it could invade and end death. Rider realised that he was the cause of the rifts and flew through one, there he encountered Worldmind again. Worldmind tried to take control of him but he was saved by Sam, who had followed him. Rider purged himself of the Cancerverse's infection and the two of them used the Cosmic Cube to return home, leaving the corrupted Worldmind behind.[26]

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