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Following the deaths of Professor X and Majestrix Lilandra their genetic materials were used to genetically create a child.[3] The egg was under the care of Cerise who took care of it and sang to it.[4] Cerise was eventually captured by the Imperial Guard so they could keep the egg out of the wrong hands. The recently-married Gambit and Rogue were tasked to retrieve the egg, but during their confrontation Rogue ended up drifting in space with the egg, until being taken by Deadpool.[5] Upon landing on a planet Deadpool told Rogue to give him the egg and upon the arrival of Gambit they battled Deadpool, they were then approached by the Technet who also wanted the egg. After defeating them, they began returning to Earth. However, during an argument between the couple and Deadpool, the egg cracked and a younger Rogue hatched.[6] After Kitty Pryde informed them about the origin of the child, the child went through the memories of Gambit and Rogue about her parents and took the name of Xandra. After that they were then attacked by Deathbird who sought to use her in her own rebellion. Gambit and Deadpool were able to fend them off and then teleported Deadpool away. However, Nightside arrived and captured Xandra, who took the form of the egg.[3] After Nightside took the egg to the Shi'ar Empire, Gambit and Rogue were able to infiltrate and retrieve Xandra back. Thanks to Xandra's powers, they camouflaged themselves as Imperial Guard and escaped the Empire. Xandra was reunited with Cerise when they were joined by the Starjammers, but they were then attacked again by the Imperial Guard and Deathbird with her rebels. During the battle, Xandra and Rogue combined their powers and made everyone else think that they exploded due to Gambit's power.[4] This worked as the enemies left and the girls revealed their illusion to Gambit and Cerise. After that Xandra and Cerise bid the couple goodbye and went to the Starjammer's ship.[7]

As the Titans began waging war, Gladiator feared that they would be involved in the war and decided to make Xandra the new Majestrix, due to the Empire needing an Neramani as their leader.[8] After the New Mutants brought Deathbird so she could be Xandra's mentor, she revealed that Oracle betrayed them due to being unwilling to serve a child. Xandra then punished Oracle to teach her in leading the empire.[9]



Xandra was considered an Omega-level weapon.[3]

Telepathy: Much like her genetic father, Xandra possesses the power of telepathy. She can use this ability to read, control and manipulate the thought processes of others, as well as interact with and tap into the Astral Plane.[3]

Xandra's true form.

  • Telepathic Illusions and Camouflage: Xandra has the ability to create realistic telepathic illusions and cause people to experience that which was not actually occurring, including masking her appearance from those around her, allowing her to telepathically disguise herself, making her appear quite different to those around her, and even changing the appearance of her attire.[10]
  • Mind Blast: Xandra has the ability to place large amounts of information in others' minds.[3]

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