The Xantarean homeworld of Xantares was convulsed by chaos which had spread across the planet like a plague. To give them a tool with which to return order to their homeworld, the Grand Xantarean Council of Elders had Qnax engineered off world. He was told a lie, that he was bred to be their champion, the greatest warrior in known space. They sent him into the cosmos on a false mission. When he returned and learned the truth, he was sent into permanent exile for questioning the council's decision.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Immense superhuman strength


Habitat: 72% of surface is covered by water in an arid, mountainous environment
Gravity: 280% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 76% nitrogen, 23% oxygen
Population: 3.4 billion


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Moderately advanced with primitive warp driven starships
Cultural Traits: Warlike, dedicated to plundering weaker opponents
Representatives: Qnax

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