The Xantha ship was given to the Four by Kurrgo of Xanth (Planet X).[1] The FF kept the saucer as a memento of their adventure on Planet X and even held a surprise birthday party for Sue aboard it.[2] The saucer was later used by the Fantastic Four on a number of interstellar missions.


  • Although FF #11 correctly identified the saucer in the FF's possession as being from Planet X, later stories claimed that the saucer was the ship that the FF had captured from the Skrulls during their first encounter in Fantastic Four #2. These claims were clearly wrong since the Skrull ship from that issue had been disguised as a rooftop water tower and was not a saucer. This continuity error was eventually partially resolved in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook #1 when the "Where are they now" update to the entry on Kurrgo noted that "The ship the FF got from Kurrgo has been consistently referred to as a Skrull ship, indicating that Kurrgo had purchased the ship from Skrulls."
  • Accordingly, this "Xantha Saucer" is also the "Skrull saucer" that appeared in Fantastic Four #92-93, Marvel Two-In-One #62, and Rom #23-24.
  • Although the retcon accounts for why this starship was described as (and confirmed as being) a Skrull saucer in later stories, it does not explain why Johnny Storm, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm have all claimed that they had captured this saucer from the Skrulls during their first encounter. Were they lying for some reason? Or confused? Or had someone tampered with their memories? Maybe only the Watcher knows.

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