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The XUE (Xavier's Underground Enforcers) were originally based in an alternate future where the dream of Charles Xavier (a.k.a. Professor X) finally came to pass, as mutants and humans started to coexist in peace. Mutants played a major part in keeping this peace, establishing their own police force known as the Xavier Security Enforcers (XSE) who dealt with superpowered criminals with extreme prejudice. The XSE officers Shard, Archer, Fixx, and Greystone believed they could do even more for their fellow mutants and the world at large and formed the XUE. A mysterious mastermind behind these efforts remained hidden to the XUE.

The group eventually figured out that Trevor Fitzroy, the most notorious mutant criminal of their day, was travelling in time when he appeared to teleport. The XUE planned to use Fitzroy's abilities to travel into the past, but he refused to cooperate. Shard felt guilt over betraying her oath to uphold the law and withdrew from the XUE, but vowed to not exposed them to the XSE. The other members of the XUE sought another way to travel into the past.

When Shard was "reborn" in the past as a holographic life-form, the other XUE members found their ticket to the past. They used a psychic link Fixx had previously forged with Shard to follow her to the present day. The XUE were able to exist in the present as spirits possessing the deceased bodies of others.

Shard and her allies, the mutant team X-Factor, confronted the XUE, whose mission to affect present events to change the future were at odds with the peace-keeping nature of X-Factor. Shard took it upon herself to hunt down and stop her former allies, but eventually the two teams reconciled. Archer left to pursue his own activities, and Greystone was killed shortly after. Fixx remained alongside X-Factor and the XUE was disbanded.

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