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Lord Xavier, Witch King was the tyrant ruler of Gha-No-Shah. He and his army of orcs and Beasts terrorized their world and he killed and ate many native Crawlers. His reign ended when Captain Blaire sacrificed herself to kill him.[1]

Not long after his death, Xavier was resurrected along with Nazi Xavier by Xavier Head.[2] However, he was later killed with along with Nazi Xavier when a blast erupted from the rift in the Multiverse.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Seemingly the powers of his dimensional counterparts augmented with magic. In addition to his mutant powers, Lord Xavier has been shown to:
    • Disrupt Machinery
    • Release blast of concussive energy
    • Telekinesis with some an eerie green mist
    • His presence also seemed to cause anger and irrationality among individuals

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