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Formed by Sunfire to act as guardians of the Asian continent
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When the entire human population on Earth was being mutated by the release of the Terrigen Mist, long time super-heroes were selected to take control of countries due to their experience with super powers. Sunfire, long time hero of Japan was selected to rule over and defend the entire Asian continent. In order to facilitate defending such a large area, he formed Xen, a collection of Asian, and Asian inspired super-humans. Xen consisted of Shang-Chi who took on the costumed identity of Tao; Tora, probably an android like the original Human Torch whose origins are a mystery; Banzai a mysterious American warrior; Sumo a super-powered sumo wrestler; Sai whose hands can become the weapons she has named herself after; The gaseous Chi; the mysterious Kendo; as well as Mantis and the White Tiger.[1]

When the Absorbing Man was shattered into pieces by the Vision following his murder of the Avengers, Sunfire was trusted with the hands of Creel. These he would give to Shang-Chi, whose superior martial arts skill would insure the hands were safe. Tao would connect the hands with a chain which he would use as nunchucks. Sunfire would be assassinated, and his son (taking on the mantel of Sonfire) would assume his role as emperor of Asia and leader of Japan. When Dr. Strange was betrayed by Clea, leaving his body alive but his astral form in the Realm of the Dead, Wong would take Strange to Japan and care for him there. Wong would join Xen, the group unaware that he mutated into a conjoined twin form, his evil half secretly the Red Ronin of the Tong of Creel, a group bent on collecting the pieces of the Absorbing Man for the purposes of reassembling him and unleashing him on the world.

In recent times Xen would try and stop the Tong of Creel from stealing the hands of the Absorbing Man, this would end in failure. Later they would aiding Dr. Strange in saving Clea from Asgard. It was during this time that the team began having doubts in their leader, Banzai in particular began voicing his criticisms about Sonfire's leadership.

The heroes would succeed in saving Clea, however they would find that during their absence, Japan was attacked by the reanimated corpse of Fin Fang Foom. With the help of Strange and Clea, Xen destroyed Fin Fang Foom. The fate of Xen following this battle, is unknown, in light of the teams doubts towards their leader the future of the group is in question.[2]


Weapons: Aside from their individual weapons that are unique to each member, Xen also rely on the Seven Silver Samurai, robots that were built from the remains of the Red Ronin robot's technology. These seven robots act as body guards for Sonfire, as well as stand in defenders in the Xen's absence from the Asian continent.

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