Police Sergeant Gwenn was a radical right wing extremist who believed that foreigners were responsible for ruining america and wanted to kill as many as possible. He also he kept rats, dressed in doll clothes within a model town,In his basement, and referred to them as his army. He often disguised himself with a red head and red beard when buying things for his dolls and even going home on a normal day. He went to JFK International Airport and shot the Japanese Trade Minister, while disguised as Moon Knight and claimed that the assassin had been Moon Knight. This started a manhunt, which Moon Knight successfully evaded whilst saving an Indian woman from a falling tree branch. Gwenn donned a rat costume and attempted to kill the Japanese Minster again but he was stopped by Moon Knight and Gwenn escaped back to him basement. Moon Knight followed him back but was discovered and Xenos unleashed his rats upon him but he managed to escape it. The two contronted each other and Moon Knight discovered the truth about Xenos being Gwenn and he nearly killed Moon Knight with an axe but he accidentally stepped on a mouse trap which allowed Moon Knight to knock him out.[1]

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