The Xeronians were a peaceful society. When they were about to be attacked by another race, their King Randau subjected himself to a treatment in the solar chamber, which turned him into the perfect warrior, the Space Parasite. After he defeated the aliens, he left their planet to find stronger opponents until he found himself battling the Hulk. The Xeronians replaced Randau with a new King and hoped he would die himself, but they eventually found him on Earth. Realizing Randau had become too strong a threat, the Xeronians remotely destroyed Randau's ship, apparently killing Randau as well.[1] Randau was later revived.[3]

Powers and Abilities


No natural powers but can obtain powers when mutated by radiation of their sun.[2]


Habitat: 71% of surface covered by water in a semi-arid environment
Gravity: 120% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 74% nitrogen, 20% oxygen
Population: 3.8 billion


Type of Government: Planet-wide monarchy[1]
Level of Technology: High with warp driven starships and teleporters
Cultural Traits: Humane, peaceful
Representatives: Randau, the Space Parasite


Xeronians are not related to Xeron the Starslayer.

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