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Karma was a member of Genosha's Press Gang who under the order's of their leader Havok was called in to help suppress a rebellion by the mutant residents of the island. Karma did her best possessing the minds of the ones she could but since that wasn't enough, Mystique was brought in to shapeshift into the form of Professor X to give a speech which put an end to the riot.

When Baron Grey refused to lift the quarantine on the island, Karma went along with Havok's plan to travel to X-Topia so they could kidnap the healer Triage andRogue. When they entered their airspace, Karma jumped out of the Quinjet with his team and ambushed the X-Men during a baseball game.[1]

During the battle and the loss of Magistrate Anderson, Karma started to expend her abilities when she was possessing the minds of a lot of the X-Men including Rogue, Beast and Graymalkin to help them escape. Finally getting the upper-hand the Press Gang made off with Triage, Rogue and Tempus and used the latter's temporal abilities to get away back to Genosha.[2]

Karma possessing Rogue during a battle

The X-Men sent their own group led by Phoenix to Hammer Bay in retaliation for the ambush and kidnappings of their fellow members. When Rogue was resisting, Karma once again possessed her so she could help halt the X-Men while the mutates began the curing process. But she forced Rogue to fight Rockslide and many others during the conflict.[3]

Karma lost control of Anna Marie when Rockslide knocked her out in mid-air. But with the revelation that Cameron Hodge was brought back to life, Karma was part of the team that went to help the others fight against him. In the end Bombshell and Wolfsbane took the Blackbird so they could fly it straight into Hodge as Bombshell and Havok used their abilities to create a huge explosion killing Hodge once more. Karma was last seen with everyone as they mourned the loss of their comrades.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Xi'an Coy Manh of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Xi'an Coy Manh of Earth-616.

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