Karma worked in Heaven, Angel's bar. She would enter people's minds to gather information on secrets to protect the Angel's establishment. When Karma informed Angel that Gambit had arrived, she told him to count the silverware before he left. Sebastian Shaw witnessed the meeting and overheard Angel telling Gambit where Magneto was hiding.[2]

Later, Karma was taken to the palace of Apocalypse where she was interrogated by Rex, one of Apocalypse’s henchmen. Sebastian Shaw and Apocalypse stood together nearby while Rex held Karma in a restraining device. Rex told Karma that they already knew that Magneto was hiding in Xavier’s mansion, and that he just wanted to know if Magneto had any defenses they should know about. He threatened to let the Shadow King loose in her mind if she didn't give them answers. As Karma begged for him not to release the Shadow King, Apocalypse ended Rex’s torture session.[3]

Karma was turned into an Infinite Guard. Sadly, when she next saw Angel and called out to him, Angel failed to recognize her voice and shot her. As he pulled her dying body from the suit of armor, she apologized for having let him down before she died. Angel strapped bombs to his waist and dove towards the force field generator that protected Apocalypse's palace from outside interference. The generator was destroyed by the detonation.[4]


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