Xian was a Fraternity of Raptors member who inflitrated the Nova Corps to subvert it. He was one of the Novas tasked with transporting Thanos to the Kyln. The Mad Titan negotiated with Xian and the other corrupt Novas, promising not to attack the Fraternity of Raptors in exchange for his release. Thanos' freedom additionally helped diminish the Nova Corps. Xian would later claim to have tried to rid of Thanos once and for all by throwing him into a black hole.[1]

When the Guardians of the Galaxy where brought into the Nova Corps to help root out corrupt officials, Drax was sent to meet up with Xian and his team in a forest planet,[2] where they were cleansing victims infected by the Ultron Virus. When Drax arrived, Xian showed him an alien named Quinon whom they were going to kill. Quinon pleaded for mercy, and Drax stopped Xian from killing her. Using her telepathic abilities, Quinon disclosed to Drax what really happened between Xian's squad and Thanos. When Drax set out to arrest the rogues, Xian mistakenly thought he was bluffing and Drax knocked him out. Xian's partners were threatened into submission, and they all were then arrested and transported to the Spirit of Xandar.[1]

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