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Quote1.png This battle will be our moment in time. When the world sets itself right. This is order restored. As it always has been, as it always should be. The shield in the west-- The spear in the East. Together we must answer this challenge, and prove ourselves worthy. Quote2.png
Xian Zheng[src]


Xian Zheng is the director of S.P.E.A.R., a Chinese intelligence gathering organization created for homeland security. Zheng came into contact with the Avenger's member Falcon during the major crisis involving the island nation of Madripoor. After showing Falcon around their main base The Circle, Zheng updated him on the condition of his teammate Shang-Chi and the development of Madripoor's transformation into a dragon.

As they talked, the Circle was attacked by members of the Hand, who were on flying dragons. To handle the situation, Zheng ordered his own team of operatives dubbed the Ascendants to engage them before they could make their way to China.[1]

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