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Xilo, the First Defender of the Broken Land was a mutant in the form of an insect collective. This collective persisted for thousands of years, despite going through many names and many changes.[2]

Xilo was a member of the Great Ring of Arakko occupying the Seat of History at the Dusk Table. As the chief historian, Xilo is consulted on matters of lore and records (and decides) the history of Arakko.[4]

Because his powers allowed him to shape and manipulate soil and stone, and he was recruited by Isca the Unbeaten and Magneto to help terraform Mars. Using his powers, he consumed and passed the soil of Mars, enriching it and helping make the planet viable for life. When the terraforming of the planet was complete and Arakko was moved to Mars, Xilo used his powers to create the Valley of the Fallen, carving giant statues of Apocalypse and Genesis in honor of the mutants who had fallen in the wars of Arakko.[1]

When the Great Ring of Arakko voted on returning to Amenth to war alongside Genesis or to remain on Planet Arakko in peace to build a new life, Xilo voted for war.[2][5]

While searching for candidates to replace Magneto on the Quiet Council of Krakoa, Storm discussed the topic with Xilo, Sobunar, and Lodus Logos. Seeing it as an insult to take a council seat without a fight, none were interested.[6]



Xilo using his powers to help terraform Mars

Xilo using his powers to help terraform Mars

Xilo was an omega-level mutant in the form of an insect collective able to present as a single being or separate into seemingly innumerable tendrils.[1][2] His known mutant weapons include:

  • Terrakinesis and Terraforming: Xilo was able to terraform and shape stone to his liking. During the terraforming of Mars, he merged with the planet itself to change the soil, supplying it with nutrients, elements, and minerals. He also created minuscule biotic life allowing Mars to support a breathable atmosphere.[1]
  • Advanced Longevity: As an insect collective, Xilo can replenish and replace parts of himself allowing him to persist for thousands of years. Occasionally, his names changes but he persists.[2]


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