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Xina was a member of the Institute of Evil under the code name of Ape X. She was responsible for many of the capers and crimes that the Institute performed including the abduction of the Golden Archer and the families of various Squadron members.[1]

After she was captured by the Squadron, they used the Behaviour Modification Device on her and she became a loyal member of the Squadron Supreme. In fact Ape X worked closely with and became good friends with Tom Thumb and AIDA and she continued Tom Thumb's work after his death. [2]

One night AIDA discovered one of the traitorous members of the Squadron, the original Moonglow, snooping through the Squadron's computer files and reported it to Xina. Due to Ape X' behavior modification made it impossible for her to report the betrayal, but at the same time it made her duty bound to report it. The contradiction caused her mind to shut down, and she degenerated into a perpetual catatonic state and was taken to the hospital in Squadron City for care. [3]

Xina's fate after the final battle between the Squadron Supreme and the Redeemers remains unknown. However, Xina was killed along with the other natives of Earth when this reality was destroyed. [4]


Xina possessed super-human intelligence and the powers of speech.


Xina had great mechanical aptitude, and scientific knowledge.


She used a life-supporting chair for locomotion as well as offensive and defensive capabilities, having various weapons and options incorporated into it.

Xina is created as a possible loosely-based pastiche of DC Comics' Ultra-Humanite or Gorilla Grodd.

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