Xidral is an alien from an unidentified, reptilian race whose spaceship crashed into Earth after colliding with an experimental NASA space probe in 1952, killing all aboard but herself. Placed in protective custody since the incident, she was imprisoned in a secret facility several miles underwater for over 50 years, where she vowed to one day exterminate the human race.[1]

When Norman Osborn was transferred to the facility following his capture by the US government, Xidral, along with the rest of the inmates, attempted a break-out following a prison riot. Despite her vow against humanity, Xirdal did not consider herself a murderer, claiming that she only killed humans in the past to protect her children on her ship, and thus refused to follow Osborn. Seeking another way out, she opened a door that was actually an airlock to the water outside, flooding the compartment she stood in.[2]


Spaceship (destroyed).

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