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Xitaung is a desert planet in the middle of nowhere where the reconstituted giant-size Power Stone manifested, causing the planet to develop a gravitational anomaly and become stationary in space. This anomaly caught the attention of a Nova Corps expeditionary force led by Eve Bakian. After one of their own turned out to be a Fraternity of Raptors spy, Bakian and her team went under the radar to protect the Power Stone. To this end, they embezzled funds and stole resources from the Nova Corps to build a fortress,[1] called Red Rock.[2]

Star-Lord and Rich Rider investigated Bakian's crew and traveled to Xitaung, learning about the presence of the Power Stone.[1] They decided to help Bakian remain off-grid,[2] and Quill even later directed Drax the Destroyer to Xitaung when he decided to retire, so he could help guard the Power Stone.

Unfortunately, a Fraternity of Raptors spy overheard Star-Lord and Nova talking about the Power Stone, and managed to alert his superiors,[3] so Xitaung was soon besieged by the Raptors, as well as the Chitauri, who had also learned about it.[4] The Chitauri eventually overpowered their enemies amidst this three-way battle,[5] which forced both the Raptors and the Nova Corps to retreat. In the meantime, the Nova's allies, the Guardians of the Galaxy held the line. Star-Lord figured out how to shrink the Power Stone down to a manageable size, and claimed it, causing Xitaung to start crumbling due to the Stone keeping it together. The Guardians of the Galaxy, Rich Rider and Eve Bakien then fled right before the planet exploded.[6]

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