Six million years ago, the Xorri race faced extinction as their sun was on the verge of going nova. Deciding not to leave their home planet and culture behind, the Xorri instead crafted immense machinery which covered their planet with an impenetrable shell of nuclear force at the moment of their sun's destruction. The shell proved successful, but the force of the supernova nonetheless sent the planet careening into space. Over the eons, the shield contracted, and its nuclear energies caused the planet to contract with it. Ultimately, the shield crystallized, becoming an immense jewel (That was still less than a thousandth of its former size). One million years before the present, the Xorrian Jewel smashed into a barren asteroid in the Dark Nebula, and later took control of some of the beings who traveled to the asteroid and forced them to mine the embedded Jewel out of the asteroid.[1]

In recent times, Sif and Karnilla traveled to the Dark Nebula in search of Balder. They were instead pulled into the Jewel, which fed off their life forces.[2] Thor and several allies came to rescue Sif, but the three remaining Miners of Xorr fought back against them, believing them to be working alongside the Gramosian fleet, led by Mercurio, to harvest the Jewel's energies for themselves (And had slain the numbers of the Miners down from sixty to three). After convincing them otherwise, Thor agreed to help the Miners from the Gramosians in exchange for assistance in locating Sif, but the Miners quickly lost faith in the conflict and submitted their wills to the Jewel to help it defend itself.

Xorr overpowered both the Gramosians and Thor and his allies by causing a series of upheavals along the surface of the asteroid, plummeting them into the depths of the asteroid while the Miners flew Xorr out of the Dark Nebula and into more populated space, where Xorr planned to assimilate further life energy and restore itself and the Xorri to their former glory. Thor and company piloted their Asgardian Viking ship, the Starjammer I, after Xorr, and overpowered the Miners. Thor attempted to free Sif and Karnilla, but Xorr manifested an enormous humanoid form for itself and claimed its captives would die should it be damaged.

Fearing for the life of Sif, Thor fought off thr Gramosians who attacked Xorr in spite of his demands. Xorr began to siphon and assimilate the power of the uninhibited planets of the galaxy when Odin, recently released from the clutches of extra-terrestrial slave traders by Thor, manipulated Xorr to head into a sun one billion times the size of the Earth's. Xorr greedily absorbed the sun's power, not realizing it was on the verge of going nova. While it was occupied, Mercurio used his thermal powers to shatter a portion of Xorr, freeing Sif and Karnilla. The group narrowly escaped the supernova of the sun Xorr was consuming, which caused the Jewel to shatter. Mercurio and his fellow Gramosians returned to the site and harvested the fragments of Xorr to save their world.[3]

Back on Earth, Steve Gerber would be shared a vision by Dakimh the Enchanter of a cosmos caught in incalculable catastrophe. Xorr was briefly seen in this vision.[4]

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