30 years prior to the Heroic Age, [note 1] Comic book illustrator Frank Johnson had been tricked into creating Zzutak with magic paints by a lost tribe of Aztecs. Their medicine man, Yucoya-Tzin, was the only one who could control the monster, and he planned on having Johnson create an army of similar monsters with which the Aztecs could conquer the continent. While creating a second monster, dubbed Xxirys. Johnson continuously chanted the words "Zzutak is your enemy, you must destroy him." When the monster came to life, it immediately headed for Zzutak, attacking him. The resulting battle caused the Aztec temple to collapse on top of both of the monsters, trapping them beneath. [2]

Years later, the Aztecs held Johnson's son hostage, forcing him back to Mexico to revive Zzutak. Johnson once again revived Xxirys as well. The creature was this time controlled by the minds of the Fantastic Four and, during the battle, both creatures were once again buried. [3]

Although Zzutak has been seen since, [4] the fate of Xxiry's is unknown at this time.


Zzutak's Enemy possessed superhuman strength and durability, the exact limits of which are unknown.


Zzutak's Enemy's sole reason for being is to destroy Zzutak.

  1. FF Fifty Fantastic Years #1 states that the events happened in the 1960s. However, when Mocuepa comes after Frank again later in Fantastic Four Unlimited #7, Frank is at most in his middle age and has a young son. As the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 moves forward it Frank's ability to maintain his youth AND have a young son become impossible in the Modern Age. As it seems more logical to state that the events that take place in Strange Tales #88 take place 30 years prior to Fantastic Four #1

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