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La Jolla Paintball Arena, La Jolla, California
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Julio Rodriguez, "Cheetah", "Spider-Man", "Hand-Gun", "Dragon-Breath", "Laser-Fist" and numerous other unnamed members
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Information-silk Origin
Given powers when tattooed by Mutant Leon Nunez.
Information-silk Place of Formation
Ink, Inc., La Jolla, California
Information-silk Place of Dissolution
La Jolla Paintball Arena, La Jolla, California
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Quote1 Yeah, well, I guess that makes us the Y-Men, then... Quote2


Y-Men (Earth-616) from Young X-Men Vol 1 8

The Y-Men were a gang of criminals operating out of the closed La Jolla Paintball Arena in California. When mutant tattoo artist Leon Nunez came into debt to them for $18,000, he offered to give them superpowers to pay it off.[1] Many of the Y-Men's abilities are based on superheroes.

Despite posing a large challenge, they were defeated by the Young X-Men and depowered by Ink's new Phoenix force-like power.[2]

Y-Men (Earth-616) from Young X-Men Vol 1 8 0001

Some of the Y-Men at the La Jolla Paintball Arena


  • Carlos Rodriguez - Bomb tattoo on left hand allowed for explosive punches and shield tattoo on his right forearm created a protective shield.
  • Julio Rodriguez- Discharge marks around his left eye allowed him to blast a golden optic beam. He was fairly overweight.
  • "Cheetah" - Cheetah-style spots over his torso granted him superhuman speed and razor sharp claws.
  • "Spider-Man" - Webbing patterns on his elbows granted him Spider-Man-esque agility.
  • "Hand-Gun" - Tattoo of a 9mm on his right hand let him shoot actual bullets from his pointer and index fingers.
  • "Dragon-Breath" - Dragon tattoos on his chest and arms allowed him to breath fire.
  • "Laser-Fist" - Triangles on his forearms and wrists branched into lines to each finger which let him blast golden energy beam from his palms. He wore a large Mohawk.

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