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Yagzan was the leader of a cult called the Cult of Entropy, who did a failed attempt to use The Glob to kill Man-Thing, where the glob then covered him in a clay like substance suffocating him[1] and turned into a mere skeleton.[2]

The members of his cult, thanks to Victorious, later used the Cosmic Cube on Yagzan's corpse to transform him into Jude the Entropic Man, in order to confront The Thing and Captain America.[3] After Victorious struggles with Man-Thing over the possession of the Cosmic Cube, Jude touches Victorious, encasing them both in a crystal structure.[4]

Yagzan's skeletal remains, as found by Tony Stark and co.[2]

He was apparently later freed and eventually recruited by the Supreme Leader into the High Council of A.I.M., taking the place as the Minister of Health.[5]

Power Grid [7]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened intelligence as Yagzan


Entropy Control: The Entropic Man has the innate power to control entropy. He can increase the entropy in an area around himself to higher level, essentially causing matter to decay at the molecular level as its atomic bonds dissipate.

Mind Control: He has also been shown to have the ability to control minds and influence actions through an unknown process.

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