The Yaka Arrow was created on planet Centauri-IV by the native race, the Centaurians. Yaka is a rare element only found on their homeworld. Yondu uses a 5-foot single curve. A yaka arrow can actually change its direction (but not speed) in response to certain high-octave whistle-sounds some Centaurians can produce. It is not yet known precisely what pitch causes a yaka arrow to move in what way. Yondu is so skillful at controlling his arrows, he can cause an arrow to return to his hand or weave its way through a crowd of people without touching them. Yondu's arrows are 15 inches in length and are very flexible. He carries about 20 of them at one time.[1]

Alternate Realities

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Yaka Arrow from Guardians of the Galaxy (film) 001

Yondu's Yaka Arrow

Yondu Udonta carries a single Yaka Arrow in his belt which he controls psionically through a cerebal implant. When his ship was taken down while protecting Xandar from Sakaaran soldiers, he used his Yaka Arrow to effortlessly take out an entire platoon of Sakaarans surrounding him.[2]

Yondu continued to use this weapon until his death. After his death, the arrow was repaired by Rocket and Peter given to Kraglin Obfonteri.[3]

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