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The Yakuza were criminal organizations based in Japan. Which were involved in various organized crime activities including; protection rackets, illegal gambling, the sex trade, the drug trade, and guns.[1][2][3] They were a criminal society obsessed with American culture, had always been. It's members used to wear pin-striped suits and fedora hats like those in the old Cagney movies. Recently Yakuza were dressing up as if they were starring in the Best Rap videos for the MTV awards. Yakuza working in the United States, had lost their respect for traditions and leadership. They had neither focus nor any obvious hierarchy.[4]

Among the Yakuza, at least one clan was able to establish its supremacy over the other Yakuza syndicates, Clan Yashida. Under Lord Shingen, the Yashida ruled Japan's underworld.[5] Clan Yashida also controlled one of the world's most powerful corporations, the Yashida Corporation.[6] Technologically, the Yashida were a pretty conservative organization. The most technologically advanced Yakuza clan were the Shogun Reapers. Known as the Science Clan they were equipped with battle suits and humanoid mecha, operated spacecraft and moon rover vehicles, and built a base on the moon. It was also the most ambitious and dangerous, as they threatened the Earth with a frequency cannon unless the nations of the world submitted.[7] One Yakuza syndicate, the Aizukotetsu-kai possessed cloning technology.[8] A rival of the Yashida, Clan Tatsu possessed cybernetic technology, which they used to create the Cyburai.[9] At least two Yakuza clans, had their own ninjas: the Yashida and the Yamaguchi-gumi.[9][10]

Various costumed superheroes, vigilantes, and superhero teams had confrontations with the Yakuza, especially the mutant Wolverine.[5][11][12] Others of note who the Yakuza had confrontations with were the vigilantes Daredevil and Punisher, the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the X-Men, the New Warriors, the New Avengers, and X-Factor.[7][11][13][9][14][15][16][17][18][19] The clans of the Yakuza were also at times at war with the ninja death cult in its home country, the Hand, and some Yakuza clans were at times allied with the ninjas of the Hand.[5][11][12] One clan, the Yashida had been at war with the Hand for centuries, since the 1600s.[20] The Yashida also had dealings with the terrorist organization Hydra.[21]

Yakuza Groups[]





Cybernetics,[9] nanotechnology,[22] Regenix,[23] cloning technology[8]


Moon-based frequency cannon,[7] high-tech firearms (comparable to Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D.),[7] energized swords (mecha)[7]


Shuttle spacecraft,[7] moon rovers,[7] humanoid mecha,[7] battle suits[7]


  • Unlike the Yakuza in the Marvel Universe, the real-world Yakuza (in contrast to the real-world Triads or Molina) is not into challenging the foreign mafias in their home turf. Yakuza clans have not claimed turf in the United States, Australia, the Philippines, or any other country. The Yakuza pretty much stick to Japan, and though they do operate outside their country, their presence overseas is negligible and it's purely to service other Japanese (tourists and corporate expatriates). Yakuza go overseas primarily to acquire guns, drugs, and women to smuggle into Japan to supply their meth addicts, put women to work in Japan's sex industry, and arm their syndicates. Their involvement overseas is usually in partnership with a local crime syndicate, example bringing Japanese tourists to a brothel operated by a local outfit.[24][25]

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