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Aladneans from Captain Marvel Vol 8 9 002

Yan was the Prince of Aladna. When he was a kid, Lila Cheney briefly visited his planet and they got engaged due to Aladna's practice that only women could choose their mates.

Years later, Lila returned to Aladna, and the Royal family still remembered their engagement, even though neither the groom and now the bride wanted to marry.

When Captain Marvel visited Aladna, Yan asked her to help him stop the ceremony by objecting. However, during the celebration Marlo appeared, intending to defeat Lila in combat and marry Yan. Carol fought for Lila and won the battle. Now as Yan's bride, Carol gave the Prince the right to choose his mate. To avoid the possibility the crown would be denied to Yan if he didn't marry, Tic volunteered to become Yan's wife. As the king, Yan would abolish said Aladnean practice.[1]

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