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In Earth-96173, Sorcerer Supreme Thomas Lindmer convinced Dr. Stephen Strange to become his successor. After an ordeal and back in Lindmer's Mansion, they decided to perform a ritual so that Strange would become officially a magician, with Lindmer's other pupil Wong witnessing.

Lindmer made Strange stand in a circle on the floor, in front of a window with the symbol of light, and then he invoked the Ancient One. The disembodied voice asked the chosen Strange whether he accepted the lightwatch or not. Strange confirmed his choice, and a transmutation began, with part of Lindmer's power being transferred to Strange's body. Both were weakened by this sorcery - Strange overwhelmed, and Lindmer exhausted, but Wong helped them recover. The Ancient One's voice left, not to be heard again.[1]

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  • The Ancient One seems to have a number of magical powers, not all of which have been disclosed. The Ancient One can be heard without being seen, and he may be able to start the ritual of magic power transference from one wizard to another.


  • In the movie Dr. Strange, the bodyless voice is given by uncredited actor Michael Ansara. IMDB claims that this voice is the Ancient One's, thus the character christened as Yao in Earth-616. In the movie's plot, Doctor Strange's mentor is Lindmer, a Western wizard portrayed by Sir John Mills, who in fact invokes the Ancient One.

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