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Monkey Business[]

After the death of the Red Ghost Yaroslav led the Super-Apes in a quest for animal freedom. They occupied the Central Park Zoo and planned to free the animals and lead a revolution but they got the attention of the authorities after he attacked a couple of citizens who got too close.[1] The following day the Thunderbolts arrived to support the police but had a hard time fighting the superpowered apes, with Yaroslav even defeating Photon until the police attacked them with knock-out gas and captured them.[2]


Yaroslav has a deep hatred for humanity and has no problem killing innocents to free his fellow animals.[2]



  • Energy Manipulation: Yaroslav has the ability to manipulate energy for multiple purposes.[2]
    • Energy Projection: Yaroslav can project blasts of energy easily capable of killing unenhanced humans.[1]
    • Energy Absorption: Yaroslav once drained Photon of all her energy and used it to strengthen his powers.[2]
  • Superhuman Agility: As a chimp Yaroslav is naturally more agile than a human but his agility appears to be superhuman as he can make incredible leaps in the air.[2]


Yaroslav can speak Russian.[2]

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