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Inside a single narrow fissure high in the Zagros Mountains, is the magical land of Yden. Originally, Yden was a paradisiacal valley with manicured lawns, fruitful orchards, and crystalline lakes.[1]


Centuries before the late 1100s A.D., Sujanaa min Raghbah captured Elalyth in a mystical gem and used her power to subdue and dominate his enemies. Occupying Yden, the land suffered and became a barren killing field as Sujanaa killed his enemies and gathered his riches.[1]

During the Crusades, Adam of Destine was brought to the Zagross Mountains by Al Kadhdhaab, an enemy of Sujanaa who coveted his power. Adam was able to defeat Sujanaa and free Elalyth.[1]

Together Adam and Elalyth raised (at least) their first three children, Jasmine, Thaddeus, and Albert, together in Yden.[2]

After years of being part, Adam recently returned to Yden to rejoin Elalyth.[2]


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