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Quote1.png I'll do it. If we don't save the world... who will? Quote2.png
Chrissie Pryde

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  • Air Force One (First appearance)

Synopsis for 1st story

While searching through the ruins of the Bronx Zoo in the Sentinel Territories, a mutant named Christina "Chrissie" Pryde is saved from a tiger by Wolverine. He escorts her back to the streets of the Bronx where she is spotted by a Sentinel. Her mother, Kate Pryde, intervenes stating that she and her daughter are authorized by the government to hunt down unregistered mutants. The Sentinel confirms this and escorts them both back to the South Bronx Mutant Internment Center, where Christina reveals to her mother, father, Aunt Rachel, and Uncle Erik that she found the last chemical they'd need to free themselves of the mutation-suppressing collars they all wear.

Elsewhere aboard Air Force One, President Kelly, worried that humans may vote to repeal the Mutant Control Act, instructs Martinez and Foster to instigate and fabricate mutant violence to sway public opinion. Meanwhile, back in the South Bronx, Rachel and Kate concoct an acid to remove their harnesses and suit up to battle the Sentinel that responds. During the ensuing battle, a blast from the Sentinel's laser vision triggers Christina's latent mutation and she severs the robot's head, though her father tempers her excitement by pointing out it is an older model Sentinel.

Later, at the New Kent Military Base, Martinez and Foster wake Mystique and Blob from chemically-induced comas. They claim to be mutant liberation activists and remind the two that it was Kitty Pryde who helped the government capture them. As Kitty and the other uncollared mutants battle Sentinels and search for Wolverine and his son, Cameron, Rachel explains that a virus in one of the Sentinels is programmed to assassinate President Kelly during his speech at the Baxter Building, and that it is up to Christina and Cameron to save the very man seeking to wipe them out, in order to convince humans, and God Emperor Doom himself, that they aren't the villains.

Suddenly they're confronted by Mystique and Blob, with Martinez and Foster filming the encounter to use later as anti-mutant propaganda. Logan and his son arrive to help Kitty and company fend off the evil mutants, when Cameron's mutation finally triggers, killing the Blob. Having gotten all they need to frame the mutants for the violence, Martinez and Foster flee as a new breed of Sentinel approaches.

Solicit Synopsis

• In the dystopian nations of BATTLEWORLD, the mutants of New York City must fight to survive the rule of the Sentinels!

• At their center is Kate Pryde, a heroine tried and tested by war, and mother of the last mutant ever to be born before the purges of the Mutant Control Act!

• With revolution on the wind, the X-Men are not a broken team with nothing left to lose, but a desperate family with more at risk than ever before!

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