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Very little is known about the Ukranian mutant Yekaterina. Born in the province of Chernobyl, Yekaterina relocated to New York where she worked as a prostitute. Spider-Man super-villain Electro (Max Dillon) became one of her most frequent clients as her shape-shifting powers allowed her to become any woman Electro could possibly desire.[1]

A prolonged visit from her mother prompted her to put her unorthodox career on hold, but upon hearing her favorite client was in town, Yekaterina came to visit Dillon. Yekaterina greeted Dillon and fellow villain the Vulture.[1]

En route to the boudoir, Yekaterina asked who Electro wished that night while assuming the forms of Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch, and Marrina, however Dillon answered he had discovered a new side of himself while in the prison he said he was jealous of saying who he wanted that night. Yekaterina suggested a X-Man or maybe Fin Fang Foom, but before he could answer the duo are confronted by Spider-Man (whom believed him and Vulture had kidnapped May Parker, because of a fake information gave by the Owl) Electro then tried to use Yekaterina as an excuse, asking Spider-Man to wait a few minutes while she can go way just to attack him by surprise, however Spider-Man's spider-sense warned him of Electro's cheap attack and attacked him right when his spider-sense was activate while dodging Electro's thunderbolts, presumably Yekaterina is survived and returned to work as a prostitute, however after M-Day it is unknown if she kept her powers.[2]




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