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Quote1.png Yelena Belova. Always the master of understatement, that one. Quote2.png
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When a clone of the deceased Natasha Romanoff rebelled against her creators from the Red Room, she secretly activated three amnesiac clones of her sister-in-arms, Yelena Belova, that were being grown by the same program that gave her life.

Natasha murdered the real Yelena so one of her clones could impersonate her.[2] When she was destroying the cloning program responsible for her existence, Natasha clone killed most of the clones. One of the two duplicates she spared was the third clone of Yelena. Black Widow had the psychic Epsilon Red grant the memories of the original Yelena to her unconscious clone, as a way to amend having killed her.[3]

Yelena was recruited by Justin Cask to free Dr. Durst from a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison in Antarctica. She was issued a white version of Natasha's Black Widow costume and dropped off at the facility. There she learned she had been set up, as she was there solely to be used as a practice target for Dr. Durst and his soldiers. However she found that the Red Guardian had been held captive in the prison and managed to free him, allowing him to fight Durst's forces while she escaped. Yelena then hacked Cask's financial accounts and donated all of his vast fortune to various charities, deciding to be a hero in her own way.[4]

Yelena learned that Natasha had been kidnapped and brainwashed into believing she was “Natalie” an architect as well as a wife and mother, Yelena infiltrated her life as Helen, a babysitter for Natasha's son.[5] When Natasha's memories returned, Yelena helped her escape.[6] Becoming Natasha's ally, Yelena assumed the identity of White Widow and the two began plans to recruit other heroes to help Natasha.[1]

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