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Yelena Belova was a former classmate of Natalia Romanoff in the Red Room program. She believed Romanoff had stolen the Black Widow mantle away from her, and was further offended when years later Romanoff used Yelena's name as an alias while infiltrating A.I.M. Belova decided to use a computer program called the Rooskaya Protocols in order to hack A.I.M.'s robots and track Romanoff's movements, later using the Protocols to infect the Avengers' HARM Room aboard their Chimera Helicarrier. Belova used this situation to gather reconnaissance on Romanoff and the Avengers, specifically gathering intel on Hawkeye, Captain America, Kate Bishop and Ms. Marvel, learning the latter's secret identity in the process. After Romanoff and the Avengers disabled the Rooskaya Protocols, Belova sent a final message telling Romanoff that the HARM Room was never truly her target and she just wanted to gather information on them. She then extended an offer to Romanoff to meet up sometime to "walk down memory lane," and that Romanoff could take as much time as she needed to arrange the meeting, as Belova was patient.[1]


  • One of Black Widow's baseline gear pieces is called "Yelena Belova's Gloves", suggesting that Natasha took them as a trophy during an earlier battle prior to the game's events.

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