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The man known as Yellow Claw was a spy for Imperial Japan during World War II. He had developed a formula that caused human hands to grow in size allowing the person effected by the formula to dig very quickly. Creating a small army of Mole Men, Yellow Claw set to commit acts of sabotage in the United States.

By 1945, he and his men caused an American war factory in the western United States to collapse into the ground. The military soon arrived on the scene, but dismissed the incident as an accident during their investigation. When the daughter of a gold panhandler was captured by the Mole Men, he ran to the surface to ask for help. Overhearing this in their civilian guises, Captain America and Bucky offered their aid to the old man. Following him into the tunnels, they clashed with Yellow Claw and his Mole Men, rescued the girl and fled to the surface to alert the military.

However, before Captain America and Bucky could do so, Yellow Claw and his followers captured General Haywood, taking him back to their underground lair. There, Yellow Claw threatened to douse Haywood's hands with his Mole Man formula if he did not reveal the plans for a new tank the military was building. When his threats were interrupted by Captain America and Bucky, Yellow Claw had his Mole Men force them into an underground river. He then attempted to activate a dormant underground volcano under the military base with a bundle of TNT, but he was stopped by the surviving Captain America and Bucky. In the ensuing struggle, Yellow Claw and his minions all charged at the two heroes, who dodged out of the way, leaving Yellow Claw and his men to plummet down a chasm to their deaths.[1]



Yellow Claw developed a formula that caused human hands to grow to larger size. It would appear the effects were permanent.


Yellow Claw was armed with a pistol.


No known connection with The Yellow Claw (Plan Chu) or Yellow Claw (Captain Rod Elliot).

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