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Yellow Fang was a member of the Imperial Japanese Army who was active during World War II. In 1944 he had obtained a Nazi blimp and built a massive fan on the bottom that created tornadoes. Sneaking into the United States, he used this blimp to create powerful tornadoes that he used to target small American towns and defense factories.

While most people determined this to be just a fluke of nature, newspaper reporter Betty Dean suspected and published the truth landing her in trouble with the FBI. She sought the assistance of her friend Sub-Mariner to assist in proving her claims.

When Namor saved a farmer from another tornado created by Yellow Fang, he was swept up into it and taken aboard the vessel where Yellow Fang revealed his plan. Namor, broke free and after replenishing his strength using water from the blimps ballast, escaped and alerted the authorities.

Meanwhile, Yellow Fang landed his blimp and it was subsequently found by Betty Dean who was captured and was about to be thrown into the spinning fan blades by Yellow Fang when she was saved by Namor. Fleeing the scene, Namor and Betty sought cover behind canisters of gasoline. When Yellow Fang's men fired at them, it ignited the fuel and the still spinning wind turbine pulled the flames into the craft igniting the gas inside the blimp. The resulting explosion killed Yellow Fang and his men.[1]



Yellow Fang piloted a blimp which was equipped with a large fan under the passenger deck. The fan could spin at high velocities creating a powerful tornado.

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