At some point, Yen Hsieh was contacted or kidnapped by the villain Doctor Demonicus, who was creating an army of super-beings known as the Pacific Overlods. Demonicus gave him the identity and powers of Cybertooth, and in this capacity, he was used for stealing technology and equipment for Demonicus' purposes. The Avengers were on hand to stop him, and Cybertooth escaped. Later, when the Avengers confronted Demonicus and the Overlords, Cybertooth battled them, until Demonicus' plan was successful and the Avengers were forced to abandon the new island-nation.

Cybertooth always seemed to keep the objective in mind. If his objective was to capture someone, he preferred to demonstrate what his jaws could do and gave them the option to surrender, rather than engage in senseless fighting. If the objective was execution, he would gnaw a defenseless person to death. If pressed into combat, he would meet force with force.[1]

Cybertooth appeared to die when Demonica sank but other survivors have been seen.[2]


Cybertooth boasts that his cybernetic jaw can rend nearly anything, turn steel into mangled shards, and smash glass into crystal splinters. The metal making up his jaws and teeth is composed of an amazingly strong material and are incredibly strong. He can bite through items such as thick steel with little effort. His jaw provides him with a type of body armor on attacks directed at his face. He can open his mouth sufficiently wide as to place a person's head inside of it.

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