Prince of Turan

As the son of Yildiz, King of all Turan, Yezdigerd was the prince of Aghrapur.


He prepared his army to invade Makkalet and restore the Living Tarim to his rightful temple in Aghrapur.[6]

Thanks to the secret entrance discovered by Sulimar, his Turanian army came through the caves, descending through a trap door in the griffin statue in the courtyard of the temple of Tarim, and quickly slaughtered the defending soldiers of Makkalet. After the conquest, despite the accidental death of the Living Tarim, Prince Yezdigerd nevertheless celebrated his victory with a parade, marching the robed figure of the Tarim through the city, while only he and Sulimar knew underneath the robes a skeleton was all that remained.[7]

King of Turan


Many years later, Conan, as the new hetman of the Bahari Kozaks, was brought the Yezdigerd's camp. Wanting revenge, Yezdigerd emprisoned him, but he managed to escape with Tania's help and free the Kozaki prisoners.[9]

After having heard the news reported by the traitorous Zorka, Yezdigerd ordered Commander Grimm to execute him, and then returned back to Aghrapur.[10]

After Conan became himself a king, Yezdigerd and him met again, and they battled each other.[8]

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