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Quote1 There'll always be a Yezud-- and it will always walk on eight legs. Quote2
Southern Zamora saying[src]

Yezud, the City of the Spider God,[1] was a city of Zamora, set near the Corinthian border[2] and in the shadow of Mount Ghaf.[1]


In Yezud, Andamo, Welyn, and Moru were captured and held in a local prison with no way out. Lucky for them, Daedikaron and Tros arrived in town. They were reluctant to help the captives, until Shimata-Kawa and Ixastophanis arrived as well. The group banded together and fled the town with their shards in tow.[3]



In the youth of Conan, Yezud worshiped Omm, the Spider God.[2][4][1] When he returned later, the worshiped spider god was now named Zath and their religion was known as Zathism.[1] After Zath was destroyed, priest of Zath Yezud thought of rebuilding their religion around the ghost of Zath.[5]

Points of Interest

  • Khesron - Village near Yezud, probably grown up to service the workmen recosnstructing the city[1]


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