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After Doctor Strange was trickered by Loki into believing the Vishanti bequeathed the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme to him,[2] Strange travel to Asgardia in order to gain power from Yggdrasil. By giving the corpse of Bats in offering, Yggdrasil gave Strange the Yggdrasil Staff,[3] which he used to fight Loki,[4] and later to help contain The Void in the Sanctum Sanctorum, destroying part of the Staff in the process.[2]

During Knull's invasion of Earth, the Yggdrasil Staff was taken by Black Cat.[5] Felicia used the Staff to destroy several Symbiote Dragons, while in her mind an avatar of the wild magic from Yggdrasil attempted to persuade Felicia into permanently becoming its conduit. Although tempted by the prospect of limitless power and revenge on her enemies, Felicia rejected the magic fearing what she would become.[1] Afterwards, the Staff was used again by Doctor Strange to unleash a powerful blast of magic on the symbiotes during a coordinate attack lead by Jean Grey,[6] and later on the last stand against Knull.[7]


When activated, the Yggdrasil Staff imbues its wielder with the divine magic of Yggdrasill, causing them to temporarily apotheosize into a being similar to an Asgardian. This power is capable of transmuting an entire dimension.[8]

However, the staff's magic possesses an amoral will of its own that attempts to sway the user into making their apotheosis permanent, with only the strong-willed being capable of resisting without being driven mad with power.[1]

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