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A guardian and protected of the path to her village in Ta Lo, Ying Li was encountered by Wenwu on his search for the hidden village. The two fought and Wenwu found himself defeated, with Ying Li's powers negating that of his Ten Rings. However, the two were smitten with each other and Wenwu soon returned with an offering of peace. He and Ying Li fell in love, but were forbidden to stay in her village by its elders, who feared the power of Wenwu's Rings. Instead, Ying Li relocated to his mountain compound, where the two were married, both of them giving up their powers for the family. She soon gave birth to a boy named Shang-Chi, followed by a daughter Xialing just a few years later. Once the children were old enough, Ying Li gave each one of two pendants that she told would help them find a path home. For a time the family lived in peace, until one day when Wenwu was away the Iron Gang came to seek vengeance for what he did to them in his previous life. Unable to talk them down, Ying Li send the children away and faced the attackers. However, without her powers she as eventually overwhelmed and succumbed to her injuries.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Air Manipulation


  • Master Martial Artist


  • Ying Li abanoned her powers when she decided to live with Wenwu, which left unprotected against conventional attacks.



  • Shang-Chi's mother's name in the film was initially publicized as Jiang Li, then changed to Ying Li, the first spelling inspired writer Gene Luen Yang in creating the name of Shang-Chi's mother in the main universe through a retcon.

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