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The sister of Ying Li, Ying Nan was a similar guardian of Ta-Lo.

When her nephew and niece along with their group of Trevor Slattery, Katy and Morris arrived in Ta-Lo she stopped the people of Ta-Lo's attack on them and then prepared Shang-Chi to fight his father, Wenwu, in the same way his mother beat him when they first met. She also taught the group about the past of Ta-Lo and the fight between the Great Protector and the Dweller-In-Darkness while also denying Wenwu's claim of hearing his wife's voice coming from the gate in Ta-Lo explaining that the Dweller-In-Darkness had done the same to many more before him but knew the Ten Rings had the power to break it out. She then helped lead the people against the forces of the Dweller-In-Darkness.[1]



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