Yinsen City is one of the numerous domains of Battleworld that compose The City. Its Baron was Rescue. This territory consists of the remnants of Earth-25315.

Some of the inhabitants of Yinsen City were able to vaguely recall their lives before Battleworld. One day, Captain Britain from Earth-61112, who had almost full remembrance of her past life, arrived at the wall between Yinsen City and the Warzone while wandering Battleworld hoping to find her home, Great Britain, once again.

Even though questioning the past beyond the creation of Battleworld was considered heresy, and unauthorized trespassing of domains was a punishable offense, the Defenders welcomed Captain Britain. God Emperor Doom was able to take notice of these events through Rescue's armor, and decided to punish the Defenders by allowing the adjacent domain of Mondo City to invade.[1]

The Defenders and numerous of Yinsen City's inhabitants were captured by the Bosses of Mondo City. Captain Britain was able to escape interrogation after summoning her sword Excalibur. The sword brought her to Big Boss Hill's office, where she was able to promulgate her beliefs of coexistence and mutual help to Hill. The Big Boss was convinced to decide to join forces with Yinsen City from then on, leading to the merging of both domains.[2]

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