Yiorgos Krallis was the second man to wear the Iron Monger armor (the first was Obadiah Stane). The armor was originally designed by Tony Stark and the people who hired Yiorgos made improvements on the armor, but they sacrificed the conservation of energy for more power and durability. Yiorgos was hired by Heinrich von Lundt, a former Nazi who's secret American operations were destroyed by Dominic Fortune. Wolfgang used the alias of Simon Steele and opened Steele Industries to pursue new tactics to destroy America, however, he needed to kill Dominic Fortune first. Wolfgang send Yiorgos in the Iron Monger suit but he expended too much power fighting Tony Stark (who was wearing his Mark VII "Silver Centurion" armor) and Stark quickly defeated him, but not before Yiorgos killed Dominic Fortune.


Yiorgos Krallis has no powers of his own, but they are derived from his Iron Monger Armor.


Inefficient power supply, prone to expending too much power, too quickly.


The armor was capable of flight.


Repulsor beams

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