The Yirbek governed a small planet in the Andromeda Galaxy until they were defeated in a war by the Skrulls centuries ago. The Yirbek have served the Skrull empire ever since.

The Yirbek fought a war with the Kallusians that lasted for several centuries, and ended with the Kallusians defeat. The Yirbek occupied Kallu, but some of the Kallusians escaped into exile.

The Yirbek sent out probes which located the surviving Kallusians within the Milky Way Galaxy. When the Kallusians realized that they had been discovered, they left their hiding place on Earth to face the Yirbek in another interstellar war.

The Skrull Raksor once adopted the shape and skills of a Yirbek while confronting the Kree Bel-Dann in the Blue Area of Earth's moon.[1]


Habitat: 81% of surface covered by water and mostly tropical
Gravity: 150% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 76% nitrogen, 23% oxygen
Population: 4.3 billion


Type of Government: Military dictatorship under the rule of the Skrull Empire
Level of Technology: The Yirbek possess vessels capable of warp flight, and containing weaponry roughly similar to that of the Kallusians.
Cultural Traits: Obsessive in hatred, but subservient to their masters

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