Punisher and his ally Micro realize Ng has been squatting on land, forcing the rightful landowners out in Arizona. Ng's underlings have plowed over the farms he displaced and building a biosphere, which is powered by the Grand Couree Dam (also meant to generate huge amounts of energy granting Ng a profitable electricity source to the California and Texas regions). Ng claims to be a great environmentalist, but Punisher sees him as a megalomaniac. After subduing one of Ng's henchmen in a fight, Punisher searches the man's belongings and finds a receipt for 50 pounds of caviar delivered to the biosphere, causing Castle to remark to himself "Looks like they are ready to suffer for science in style". Meanwhile, Micro sees that due to building the biosphere and dam with substandard materials, Ng may prove his own worst enemy. Micro's speculation has merit when the fourth and fifth turbines to the dam are activated and place a strain on the structure.

Punisher confronts Ng, but Ng's yo-yo proves too much for Punisher in hand-to-hand combat. Ng's yo-yo is a far cry from the image of the child's toy, having tiny blades around the circumfrence. Ng boasts that Malay yo-yo masters can knock a cigar out of a man's mouth ten feet away. Ng also warns Punisher not to try to seize the yo-yo by gripping the cable, as it is studded with diamond dust. Punisher retreats; causing Ng to think he has won. Confident, Ng orders the sixth and final turbine turned on to display his time of triumph. This proves too much for the dam, which bursts and destroys the biosphere. Ng and his henchmen are presumably killed in deluge. While escaping by helicopter, Micro privately admits to Frank Castle that he admired Ng's biosphere that it may have proven of scientific value, and that he was rich enough that he did not need to cut corners.


  • Yo-yo: modified with tiny blades and the cable was studded with diamond dust, making it far more dangerous than the better known children's toy.
  • Yo-Yo Ng was a one-time villain. His prominence was noted that he appeared in the gold edition, or 50th issue of The Punisher. He was an eccentric villain with bushy white hair who used a yo-yo as his weapon.
  • As the yo-yo had been used as a weapon in Malaysia, this may suggest Ng has a Malay background.

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