Yob-Haggoth the Unspeakable was the entity invoked by the witch-woman Valena. She invoked it to empower Brak the Barbarian for him to slay a dragon-thing. The spell supposedly helped him to kill the dragon-thing, but forced him to kill any human being he would lay his eyes on for an hour afterwards, or else the monster would rise again.

As Valena tried to have Brak's beautiful friend killed by sending her to Brak during the period he would had been forced to kill her, Brak returned to Valena to kill her, she invoked Yob-Haggoth. A whirling of eldritch smoke appeared, and Brak saw and felt she had great power, but slew her before any harm could happen to him.[1]

Regarding his name, Yob-Haggoth was possibly inspired by H.P. Lovecraft Old One Yog-Sothoth.

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