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Yondu was the leader of the Ravagers, a group of space pirates. In 1988 he captured Peter Quill when Quill was a young boy, just after his mother had died. Yondu was supposedly hired to deliver the boy to his father, J'son. But in reality, J'Son wanted Yondu to keep Peter until he was a skill thief for his benefit. However he lied to J'son that his son was dead, kept Quill and raised him as his own while keeping him safe from the other Ravagers and leaving out any knowledge of his father or heritage.

Yondu had raise Peter to be a skilled thief and one of the Ravagers. Peter had also taut Yondu some tricks in return, such as his "Trick or Treat" scam, where they warn civilians of an oncoming dangerous threat and steal the valuables while they evacuated.[1] Every year on Xandar during the Feast of the Three (formally four) Grinning Moons, the two would commit pranks on the locals while competing for the title "Prank King", Peter won the title after accidentally blowing up Xandar's fourth moon (which got him band from Xandar).[2]

Yondu puts a bounty on his own head to as a backup if he is arrested. Star-Lord led the Guardians of the Galaxy into raiding an alien prison to spring Yondu. They learn from him that Korath the Pursuer has a Spartax artifact that he plans to give to Thanos. After getting the artifact from Korath, the Guardians head to Knowhere. When Korath the Pursuer's group and Yondu's Ravagers attack the Guardians of the Galaxy to claim the Spartax artifact, Knowhere starts to come to life and ensnare everyone.[3]



Seemingly those of the Yondu Udonta of Earth-199999.




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