Yondu presumably sharing a great deal of history with Yondu Udonta of Earth-691 and was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who would share adventures with the Sentry of Earth-1611 when he visited their universe. Yondu was with the Guardians when they received an emergency message from the Maneelian System. Nikki worked the communications system and informed them that Idda the Living Planet was going to give birth and needed a mid-wife. When Starhawk asked how do they play midwife, Nikki researched and found there was a midwifery book on Vinik-4. He along with Charlie-27, Martinex and Major Victory took the Guardian Cruiser and went to Vinik-4 while the Sentry and Starhawk scouted ahead. They eventually arrived to the planet to find the Olettas attacking the Sentry, Starhawk and Sun Girl and helped defend them and while the three held off the rest of the fleet. Yondu and the others went down to the planet and retrieved the Mid-Wifery book, and then helped Idda deliver her baby.[1]


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